As shoppers shop-on the trendy and highly fashionable products in the shopping mall, the need for technical support to chase the latest products, devices and upgraded information arises. An extremely technical device plays serves the visitors at the shopping mall or shopping complexes. The product is affluent, that provides interactive experience and also support in the retrieval of data, latest information and messages, etc. IDisplay- Digital Notice Board provides complete satisfaction and build the instant connection with the users. Complete information about the products offered in the mall can be easily displayed along with the offers and discounts attached to the products. Largest LED Screen fulfills the purpose in the Food Court Area. Display of food items, TV Programs, News, Sports, and other information related to new store or product launch are displayed on the screen. The technology driven product supports in the promotion and advertisement of newly launched products and services. It supports to keep the visitors entertained, engaged and informed. The IDisplay supports to build a bond among the visitors. Keep them aware with easy and quick information. Digital Signage supports shopkeepers to display their selling items on screens. It enables customers in creating innovative messages using templates. Diverse graphics, texts and video allow creation of impressive and attractive message display using the electronic display board. Food Court Areas, Corporate Channels, Retails, Branding, Entertainment News, News, Latest Updates and Advertisement are a prime focus of the Digital signage device.

We deliver a highly communicable product, IDisplay that allows to exhibit the focused messages used to inform, educate and encourage the spectators.

Our digital product IDisplay- Wireless Electronic Notice Board is equipped with-

  • Comprehensive Media Players
  • Android operating system
  • 32 GB Card reader
  • Standalone Kiosks
  • LED wall-mount
  • LED Display Screen/Multiscreen Videowall
  • Complete information through Internet, WiFi & External LAN Port
  • Access through Remote – Miracast, DLNA, Openmax, Google TV remote

A Digital Signage supports Shopping Mall-

  • Stimulate product advertisement. Keep the visitors informed, create instant bonding and connection. Promote fun, communication and also creates the sense of belongningness among the audiences.
  • Digital signage allows enhanced advertising opportunities without compromising on the additional scrolling footage
  • Digital Signage facilitates multilingual support to enhance the ROI of businesses.
  • Supports in Brand Building, Advertizing, Informing, Engaging and Creating Awareness among the users.
  • Multiscreen installations to fulfill customized database requirements.
  • Multilingual device to grab the attention of diverse audiences.
  • Easy installation of digital signage device with minimal environmental impact.

Usage of IDisplay- Digital Notice Board in Shopping Malls-

  • Display in Lobby- Grab the attention of the audiences by direct advertisement through internet on TV, News broadcast, and display of welcome messages.
  • Display of Maps or Ways- Diverting the visitors on the right path. Display of Pathways, Plans and Roadways in Shopping Complexes and Malls
  • Constructing Directories- Dynamic display of building directories for visitors support
  • Display on large and high resolution screen- Attract the audiences through video wall, event broadcast and advertisement on big platform.

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