Advertizing is a necessity for retailers to gear up the customers, partners and visitors. Attraction of the public to improve the productivity and sales of the products is must in retails. Public calling through latest updates, news and launches is important. IDisplay-Digital Notice Board in such circumstances plays a significant role to create the bonding between the retailer and customers. The device supports in digital announcements of products, services, important messages, forecasts and alerts in markets, public places, malls, mega marts and stores. It supports to build better relationship between retailers, customers and potential customers by informing, engaging and entertaining through the display of diverse messages, information and updates. The digital signage supports retailers to build brand identity through messages, images, graphics and videos. The Digital signage device gives opportunity to target customers directly using the unique features of dynamic presentations.

Digital Signage engages customers with attractive offers- An extremely flexible and versatile platform, improves the engagement and communication system with the customers. Information about the offers, launches and promotion of the products and services on the digital signage devices. A prominent platform to attract the customers, aware them about the products, its new launches and provide information about the company’s outlets. Notice the considerable impact of quick information provided on the platform.

Pre-installed library in Digital Devices- The pre-installed library consists of diverse templates, in the form of images, videos, graphics and texts. The templates are easily available in the device, which is scheduled as per the specified time. On the specified time the texts are displayed, thus saving the time and providing higher impact on the audiences.

Provision of Digital Contents- Provision of large screen and Digital Notice Board Software supports to engage, communicate and entertain the customers with valuable information, and messages with ultimate ease. Whether, you are running a small or large business in the local area or internationally, the web-based device supports to manage the desired content from a single location as per your need.

Effectiveness of Digital Signage- Digital Signage allows to showcase the effective images, animated and moving graphics about the products. The scrolling texts and videos makes the platform more engaging and informative. Allows to inform the customers with latest trend and creates awareness about the items available and the offer associated with it. Brand and Reputation building is assured through the Electronic Notice Board.

Immediate Display of Messages- Creation of offers and display of promotion are performed within seconds. Web-based device allows retailers to transform the offers instantly from any locations.

Cost-effective- Digital device is cost-effective and saves the cost of printing Brochures, Pamphlets and TV advertisements. It is the solution for all types of advertisement procedures. A perfect interactive tool to reach the customers and aware them about the products.

Useful Feature of IDisplay-

  • Hassle free
  • Instant Message Display
  • Accessed from a single location
  • Instant Daily updates and launches
  • Perfect Device to Target Audiences
  • Quick Configuration and Integration
  • Multilingual Device with enriched features
  • Easily manageable and Connects with Audiences instantly

Effectiveness of Digital Notice Board-

  • Web based- Access through the internet
  • Frequent updating of content from any location
  • Fulfills Customized database with multiple screen
  • Display of launches, events and new product arrivals
  • Perfect mode for advertisement, sales and promotions
  • Video and Images of product use, specification and deals
  • Display standard content format that includes Graphics, Images, Videos and Texts.

Digital Signage is supporting Retail / Advertizing

  • Target Partners, Audiences and Customers
  • Engage or Inform about offers and discounts
  • Brand Building and Reputation Management
  • Display of Emergency alerts
  • Advertisement / Promotion of products and services
  • Visually impress your buyers

Promote your products with style and elegance

Use an effective approach in delivering messages to customers with in-store digital signs and point-of-sale targeting! You can promote your products, inform about discounts and visually impress with your products’ videos using large 65” or 72” screens or even bigger video walls.


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