Organization Displays

  • Maintain real-time communication with visitors and staff inside libraries, government offices, courthouses, town halls, community centers, and other public buildings
  • Communicate with staff inside restricted locations such as army bases and remote military installations
  • Provide wayfinding maps for visitors in the lobby
  • Show calendars and bulletin boards with upcoming events, important deadlines, changes in law, etc.
  • Display public service announcements
  • Broadcast live or pre-recorded town meetings, hearings, and other important sessions
  • Show pictures or videos of how tax dollars are being put to work to achieve community goals
  • Deliver training and safety information to employees and volunteers
  • Display emergency alerts and other time-sensitive messages

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  • Indian Railways
    Indian Railways (reporting mark IR / भा. रे) is an Indian state-owned enterprise, owned and operated by the Government of India through the Ministry of Railways.
  • Department of Official Language
    IDisplay is recognized by the department of official language and it helps to promote language by displaying the Word of the day and thought of the day.
  • DMRC
    For implementation and subsequent operation of Delhi MRTS, a company under the name DELHI METRO RAIL CORPORATION was registered on 03-05-95 under the Companies Act, 1956. DMRC has equal equity participation from GOI and GNCTD. Delhi Metro is a world
  • Get A Common Platform for all Employees or visitors
    IDisplay provides a common platform to all visitors/employees/customers etc. If those same one hundred networks shared a common platform, with simple standards for connecting their venues into a single open network, with no additional investment in

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