IDisplay, the digital signage device supports in easy display of texts, images, videos and daily news updates. Quick Ticker is a specific feature of digital notice board that allows Daily News, Date or the Weather forecast update. The use of display device provides incredible quality and valuable display of useful text and content to reach the targeted audiences. Digital device gives a quick News update, the Weather forecast, and Date. Updates about the latest trend, products and services offered by the company. Displays include rolling text signage, scrolling sign, news or variable messages, Price menu updates in Restaurants, Ticket available at the Railway Station, Shop sign display tickers provide complete information to the viewers. IDisplay consists of a framework that supports to have better control and Co-ordination of the news display. LED News Quick Ticker is available on both indoor and outdoor display boards. The web-based device supports to manage the content from a single location.

Features of Quick ticker IDisplay, a digital notice board-

  • Customized hardware and software framework
  • Inculcated with scroller ready to use features and components
  • Easy setup of Real time clock to display weather reports and latest news update
  • Display of important News, Updates, Awards, Announcements and Achievements to the employees or visitors of different departments
  • Connection to the Social Sites like Twitter, Facebook or RSS feeds for quick display of information
  • Connection of quick ticker with RTC
  • Easy Display of promotional information
  • Promote your activities
  • Consistent display of product ads
  • Stimulate the sale of product and service
  • Aims to enhance the customer’s satisfaction
  • Basic target is to inform and entertain the targeted audience
  • Increases the customers reach and improve the outdoor communication system

Technicalities of Digital Signage IDisplay-

  • Manage to display the multiple texts on a single screen
  • Quick configuration of screen layout
  • High-class multimedia support with Display of Texts, Video, Images, Weather Forecast, Scrolling Information, Date and Time
  • Quick and Automatic message update
  • Instant display of the message in a reduced time limit
  • Managed from a single location
  • Schedule the message- display of text in a specified time
  • Efficient and Affordable device
  • Reliable, Entertaining and Informative platform
  • Consistent 24*7 online technical support
  • Automatic update via Internet
  • Reduced the paperwork and allows immediate display of the message

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