IDisplay, the Outdoor Signage supports manufacturer to resolve the most complex tasks, by providing safe and secured reach in the plants and factories. The bulletin board allows easy reach to the staffs, employees and partners. Inform them with helpful messages, the Digital Signagehardware allows custom scheduling of important messages to inform the staffs in the industry. A easy maintenance of logistics, wayfinding, and safety signage allows reaching the destination efficiently. The provision to accumulate the useful data is provided and gathered from any source. The device improves the communication system, thus making the workplace environment friendly. The Digital Signage Solutions provide templates for improved communication system in different manufacturing industries.

Benefits if IDisplay, the notice board designs-

  • Integration of database without manual intervention
  • Reduction or elimination of paper messaging system
  • Instant display of reports
  • Display of critical factory line data
  • Alert Display of complete management of production Issues
  • Alert Display of production line problems, water level, usage of raw material and overheating
  • Emergency display of workplace health and safety messages
  • Communicate with the staffs in different departments, floors and location.
  • Managed and accessed from a single location




The wireless Electronic Notice Board supports to build your brand, communicate with the audience and enhance the potential customer. Reaching the audience is easy through notice board ideas. We are here to support the client through open source digital signage software. Create, manage, deliver the dynamic content in the manufacturing industry. The provision of screen roll out is provided that allows display of content in different production areas. Open Source digital Signage Software maintains the safety measures and control room screens in the operational areas. Taking the safety measures is necessary for the manufacturing industry. The digital messaging applications allow staffs to diminish the workplace hazards, intimate the alerts and emergency messages. Health and safety regulations are displayed on the indoor and outdoor LED Digital Notice Board. Improve the communication system, increase the performance and team work with IDisplay, the digital signage software.

Digital Signage is used for the following-

  • Real-time data displays
  • Real-time integration of data into LCD, LED or other digital displays
  • Production usage, current water usage, schedules using database information
  • Quality results such as benchmarks, sick & injury records
  • Reinforce branding and team awareness with staff
  • Social club events and reminders
  • Staff training days and shutdown times
  • Product information for sales and training
  • Menu of the day in canteen
  • Staff room to reinforce company branding
  • Workplace Health & Safety Messages
  • News Releases
  • Touch screens

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