IDisplay, a digital signage system is a perfect platform to support restaurants, hotels, and resorts. The pre-configured, customized screen layout supports in a display of various messages on a single platform. Connect, communicate and engage the guests by highlighting the services and facilities provided in the public places. The regular local activities, events and menu lists are provided on the display. The Digital notice board solution supports in monitoring or reporting services. We offer comprehensive support and training for installation and maintenance of digital device. A personalized service is provided with the help of IDisplay, a Digital Signage Solution.


Tourists residing at Hotel, Restaurants and Resorts look for helpful information that includes guides to travel in distant places. Most of them look for personalized service in distinctive ways. IDisplay facilitates the warm greetings, on-demand video at the room service or through way to the reception area. Customized, digital signage monitor connects guests to provide interesting information. The advanced technology fulfills the guests demand to provide the technically rich digital menu boards. Reception area, Coffee lounges, food courts provide a customer communication platform. The digital signage screens provide a platform to communicate with guests.


GSM based electronic notice board delivers relevant and useful information to the guests. A customized content informs, engages and entertain groups and an individual on the comprehensive platform called IDisplay.


  • Promotion Of Restaurant, Resorts And Guest Houses- Digital signage supports to advertize the facilities in the restaurants, hotels, and lounges. Promotion of facilities and services to interact with clients, colleagues and friends. Promotions of events and new culinary creation of chef and work arts.
  • Inform Guests Of Hotel Offerings– Advertize your offerings, facilities and schedule on digital bulletin board. Publicize the information through an outdoor digital notice board.
  • Reduces The Front Office Tasks– By Informing visitors about the services and facilities, digital device has reduced the number of calls.
  • Engage Guests With The Latest News, Weather Forecasts– Usage of the latest technology, for automatic generation of content. It includes dynamic RSS feeds and stock price tickers.
  • Customized templates and contents– Display of the welcome message for convention, conference, and guests within the digital signage area.

Advantages of Digital Signage in Lodging Display system –

  • Acknowledge the guests with the upcoming meetings, get together and celebration in hotel and resorts
  • Display of maps, directions and room listings using wayfinding in lobbies and corridors.
  • Inform visitors about the value added services that include room upgrades and loyalty programs
  • Display of Welcome messages for Conferences and Events
  • Announcements of Rewards and Achievements
  • Display of Birthday Wishes, Anniversaries and Special Dates
  • Inform customers about the On-site restaurants, gift shops, and transportation
  • Delivery of complete information about the hotels, restaurants and guest rooms
  • Display of video training, safety, and security to employees
  • Convenience to the front desk staffs
  • Display of the Weather forecast and latest news update
  • Display of Emergency alerts and messages
  • upports to reach the guests to the living area, lobbies, corridors, food court and even in the room.

The IDisplay Digital Signage Display is –

  • Flexible
  • Versatile
  • Reactive
  • Relevant
  • Measurable
  • Affordable
  • Scalable
  • Dependable

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