IDisplay- Digital Notice Board helps to display on-screen messages. The Digital Signage has improved the service in Hospitality sector helping Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts by enhancing the communication system with the guests or visitors. It informs about the services and facilities offered in the restaurants. The device is specifically designed for the restaurants, hotels, clubs, leisure centers and sports club, acting as a comprehensive platform with valuable information about the services, latest News updates, and Traveling guide. Inform visitors about the eateries, events and the source of entertainment.

The LED display screen is mainly installed in the Reception, Lobby, Corridors and the high-traffic areas to inform guests about the menu, reminder for events, launches and promotion of services with complete flexibility and versatility. Both indoor and outdoor digital signage is used to display Welcome Messages, Wishes and inspiring Thought of Day to create sensitive bonding with the guests. Convey the loyalty programs in restaurants and the casino. Consistent updating of events schedule, inform visitors about the global happening through Breaking News Updates and Weather Forecast.

In Hotels/Restaurants, the advertisement of food items at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Complete information about special meal, celebration organized, celebrity visit and tariffs on the meal. Our digital signage is a perfect solution for the hospitality sector, making them easy to serve their visitors and guests with extensive amenities. The dynamic web-based digital device is managed and controlled from distant locations. The innovative templates support to build creative multimedia display, including text bulletins, video feeds, graphics and Quick tickers.



Feature of IDisplay- An Electronic Notice Board

  • Multilingual Device with enriched features and functionalities
  • Quick to manage and builds instant Connection with Audiences
  • Various devices are accessed and managed from a single location
  • Easy Configuration and Integration
  • Immediate Display of Messages
  • Perfect to Target Audiences, Visitors and Customers
  • Automatic updates
  • Hassle free

IDisplay- Hospitality Digital Signage serving guests with digital commitment-

  • Personalized messages and Welcome Messages
  • Advertisement to generate revenue
  • Promotion of loyalty programs in Hotels
  • Advertise upcoming events and schedules
  • Lobby, corridor and reception area support
  • High usage in food court area- display of Menu
  • Visitor engagement, entertainment and awareness
  • Regular display of thoughts, messages and images
  • Display of alerts and safety measures
  • Builds bonding with customer/ visitors/guests
  • Display of health care tips, healthy food items and drinks available
  • Information related to the nutritional values of food and its calories
  • TV shows, Movies, Gaming Content for guests’ entertainment
  • Quick display of information and messages
  • Common platform to broadcast safety measures while travelling
  • Delivery of alert messages
  • Transportation/ Travel support
  • Guidance for tour and travel
  • Weather forecast
  • Way-finding

Technicalities of IDisplay- Digital Signage Device for Restaurant support-

  • Easy scheduling the menu board for promotion of trendy food items and specialties
  • Availability of templates to create an innovative Digital Menu Board
  • Set up Box for quick and easy updating
  • Web-based device to enable distant access
  • LED Display Screen
  • Dynamic graphics, texts and video feeds

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