Introducing IDisplay at Healthcare Centers, a prominent way to reach the awaited patients and visitors. Engage them with prime information, announcements, programs, advertisement and offers. The Electronic notice board allows the display of videos, images, graphics and bulletins, to convey messages, inform patients with health related issues, cures, treatments and news. Easy to use device do not require highly technical skill, the device is instigated with easy handling templates and scheduled features, that is displayed at the scheduled time. Easy to manage digital signage device is lighter in weight and is installed in patients’ rooms, lobbies, waiting rooms, halls and corridors. The Digital Signage Device runs through the internet and is highly flexible. The tailor made a messaging system for specified audiences. The IDisplay- Digital Notice Board enhances the medical facilities offered at Hospitals and Clinics.

Digital Signage Device provides following information-

  • Deliver significant and scheduled announcements
  • Display of food menu in Hospital canteen
  • Welcomes visitors with bespoke messages
  • Relay emergency alerts
  • Advertise healthcare services, products and special offers
  • Provides additional training and educational information
  • Display of live weather forecast, traffic, stocks and sports news
  • Shares health care programs with patients, attendants and visitors
  • Advertise upcoming treatment procedures and vaccination schedules
  • Display of availability of Doctors, Surgeons and Nurses for patient’s benefit

IDisplay, the Digital Signage Software, is a web-based, tailor made device that allows display of dynamic and eye-catching content on a tailored layout. Incorporation of relevant Images, Videos and Information makes it versatile and enhances its flexibility. The provision of customized PowerPoint templates helps in easy and quick creation of content, messages, welcome messages and quotes. The device allows the pre-configuration of awareness templates and notices. IDisplay has higher impact through its static logos, texts and graphics appeared on the LED display screen. Hospitals or Healthcare centers are usually located in huge areas, where locating different OPDs or Operation theaters is difficult. The digital device enhances the service to patients with the customized way-finding maps, and diverse directories, thus paving the way for better health.

Digital Notice Board saves the time and precious resources through reforming the patient calls, redirection of patients visit to the doctor and providing consistent information on the heath precaution, measures to be taken in severity and through providing health care related information.

Larger screen provides prominent information which has a higher impact on individuals. The Digital notice board is a perfect and the dynamic messaging system for indoor, outdoor, small and large areas. Prominently designed to serve the healthcare sector, because “we priorities health”. Outdoor and Indoor Digital Notice Board provide the unlimited display of instant and quick messages to improve the awareness among audiences.


Prime usage of Digital Notice Board-

  • Enhanced waiting room experience – Saves the patients and doctors valuable time by providing appropriate health related information. Resolves diverse patient’s queries and concerns by providing relevant health information. Giving best information through short and convenient messaging system.
  • Provision of pre-installed Library – Web-based device is pre-installed with inspirational, informative and helpful messages in the form of content, video, images and graphics in the form of templates, which can be selected as per the requirement.
  • Higher Impact – Unique messages creates Health awareness, News update, Doctor’s arrival and availability.
  • Frequent News update – Display of latest news update and weather forecast in hospitals and clinics.
  • Quick Information – Information updates related to treatments, surgeries, equipments, medicines and duration of treatment procedures.
  • Cancellation, scheduling and rescheduling of doctor’s appointment, training session for medical students and staffs. Complete messaging platform at the health care centers.
  • Endorse commencement of health events – Promotion of health care events through messages and videos in diverse languages and graphics.
  • Instant Message – Convey instant Doctor’s message through Images, Videos and Graphics.
  • Supportive Way-Findings – Way-finding display system in the form of videos and graphics. Enable patients to reach the checkup area, OPD or ICU with consistent navigation.
  • Emergency Alerts – Provision of life-saving emergency alerts through instant messaging in critical conditions.
  • Creation of Health Care Awareness – Display of Health care measures in corridors, lobbies, waiting areas, ICUs, Wards and Counters. Aims to reach maximum audiences to create awareness with helpful information.
  • Significant Announcements – Aware patients, visitors and attendants with health related special programs, schemes and offers. Information related to Health insurances, Mediclaims, Awards, Health facilities, Doctors achievements and interviews.
  • Creates awareness related to Rule and Regulations – Display of health related alteration in policies, rules and regulations.

importentIDisplay provides the unlimited display of instant and quick messages to improve the awareness among audiences.


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