Technical & Support



Are you new to IDisplay- Digital Notice Board? If Yes, then our team is here to provide free training and support classes for customers. Our comprehensive package of digital training classes is free. We provide complete training to enable users to use the digital device easily. 1 year technical support and training is provided at a considerable rate. Contact us to attend the class and complete technical support. We help you ensure the smooth running of digital signage. Our trained professionals will acquaint you with the technicalities of Display board. No technical expertise is required to use the device. For your convenience, we provide Online Tutoring and Guide to use the device. We have also made the provision of CDs and Videos to help acquaint you with the comprehensive technical knowledge of Digital Signage. Attend the online training program and learn using the digital device individually anywhere anytime. A complete peace of mind is assured with us.

Training to use Digital Device

  • Online Training
  • Standard IDisplay Platform Training
  • Digial Signage Bespoke Solution Training
  • Fully bespoke sessions based on customer’s requirements
  • One to six people per session
  • On-site, Online or Telephone Sessions
  • Beginner and Advanced Levels



We provide a complete package for easy installation of digital device. Complete guidelines for installation at the time of purchase. The Digital Signage System is easy to install on own. We also provide technical support to install the device, the application provided is installed on the server while the setup box is integrated at the backside of the display screen.



The expert team of IDisplay is ready to support customers 24*7. For any technical support, call us at 0120-2406397. Any problem encountered on the digital signage device is resolved with the help of a contact form. Complete technical support is provided for free within a year of purchase. The point is noted that the technical support will be renewed through AMC. Scale up your technician need with us. We are here to serve you at an affordable rate. Our team of professional provide technical and creative support via phone, email and chat. We are consistently available to support you, meet us online or get free advice to use the IDisplay, an electronic notice board using GSM. All support packages are tailored to the individual project, a member of the IDisplay team would be happy to discuss this with you

Benefits of IDisplay training and support

  • Advanced Content Design Partner
  • Experienced technician for digital notice board
  • Advanced, bespoke solutions, reducing the system complexities
  • Less training time required
  • Provision of Customized technical support and training packages
  • Pay as you go support hours available for use, only when needed*
  • The IDisplay training team, for those market sectors requiring security checks.