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IDisplay- Digital Notice Board helps to display on-screen messages. The Digital Signage has improved the service in Hospitality sector helping Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts by enhancing the communication system with the guests or visitors. It informs about the services and facilities offered in the restaurants. The device is specifically designed for the restaurants, hotels, clubs, leisure centers and sports club, acting as a comprehensive platform with valuable information about the services, latest News updates, and Traveling guide. Inform visitors about the eateries, events and the source of entertainment.

The LED display screen is mainly installed in the Reception, Lobby, Corridors and the high-traffic areas to inform guests about the menu, reminder for events, launches and promotion of services with complete flexibility and versatility. Both indoor and outdoor digital signage is used to display Welcome Messages, Wishes and inspiring Thought of Day to create sensitive bonding with the guests. Convey the loyalty programs in restaurants and the casino. Consistent updating of events schedule, inform visitors about the global happening through Breaking News Updates and Weather Forecast.

In Hotels/Restaurants, the advertisement of food items at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Complete information about special meal, celebration organized, celebrity visit and tariffs on the meal. Our digital signage is a perfect solution for the hospitality sector, making them easy to serve their visitors and guests with extensive amenities. The dynamic web-based digital device is managed and controlled from distant locations. The innovative templates support to build creative multimedia display, including text bulletins, video feeds, graphics and Quick tickers.



Feature of IDisplay- An Electronic Notice Board

  • Multilingual Device with enriched features and functionalities
  • Quick to manage and builds instant Connection with Audiences
  • Various devices are accessed and managed from a single location
  • Easy Configuration and Integration
  • Immediate Display of Messages
  • Perfect to Target Audiences, Visitors and Customers
  • Automatic updates
  • Hassle free

IDisplay- Hospitality Digital Signage serving guests with digital commitment-

  • Personalized messages and Welcome Messages
  • Advertisement to generate revenue
  • Promotion of loyalty programs in Hotels
  • Advertise upcoming events and schedules
  • Lobby, corridor and reception area support
  • High usage in food court area- display of Menu
  • Visitor engagement, entertainment and awareness
  • Regular display of thoughts, messages and images
  • Display of alerts and safety measures
  • Builds bonding with customer/ visitors/guests
  • Display of health care tips, healthy food items and drinks available
  • Information related to the nutritional values of food and its calories
  • TV shows, Movies, Gaming Content for guests’ entertainment
  • Quick display of information and messages
  • Common platform to broadcast safety measures while travelling
  • Delivery of alert messages
  • Transportation/ Travel support
  • Guidance for tour and travel
  • Weather forecast
  • Way-finding

Technicalities of IDisplay- Digital Signage Device for Restaurant support-

  • Easy scheduling the menu board for promotion of trendy food items and specialties
  • Availability of templates to create an innovative Digital Menu Board
  • Set up Box for quick and easy updating
  • Web-based device to enable distant access
  • LED Display Screen
  • Dynamic graphics, texts and video feeds

“Keep Your Visitors Updated with us”


Shopping Mall

As shoppers shop-on the trendy and highly fashionable products in the shopping mall, the need for technical support to chase the latest products, devices and upgraded information arises. An extremely technical device plays serves the visitors at the shopping mall or shopping complexes. The product is affluent, that provides interactive experience and also support in the retrieval of data, latest information and messages, etc. IDisplay- Digital Notice Board provides complete satisfaction and build the instant connection with the users. Complete information about the products offered in the mall can be easily displayed along with the offers and discounts attached to the products. Largest LED Screen fulfills the purpose in the Food Court Area. Display of food items, TV Programs, News, Sports, and other information related to new store or product launch are displayed on the screen. The technology driven product supports in the promotion and advertisement of newly launched products and services. It supports to keep the visitors entertained, engaged and informed. The IDisplay supports to build a bond among the visitors. Keep them aware with easy and quick information. Digital Signage supports shopkeepers to display their selling items on screens. It enables customers in creating innovative messages using templates. Diverse graphics, texts and video allow creation of impressive and attractive message display using the electronic display board. Food Court Areas, Corporate Channels, Retails, Branding, Entertainment News, News, Latest Updates and Advertisement are a prime focus of the Digital signage device.

We deliver a highly communicable product, IDisplay that allows to exhibit the focused messages used to inform, educate and encourage the spectators.

Our digital product IDisplay- Wireless Electronic Notice Board is equipped with-

  • Comprehensive Media Players
  • Android operating system
  • 32 GB Card reader
  • Standalone Kiosks
  • LED wall-mount
  • LED Display Screen/Multiscreen Videowall
  • Complete information through Internet, WiFi & External LAN Port
  • Access through Remote – Miracast, DLNA, Openmax, Google TV remote

A Digital Signage supports Shopping Mall-

  • Stimulate product advertisement. Keep the visitors informed, create instant bonding and connection. Promote fun, communication and also creates the sense of belongningness among the audiences.
  • Digital signage allows enhanced advertising opportunities without compromising on the additional scrolling footage
  • Digital Signage facilitates multilingual support to enhance the ROI of businesses.
  • Supports in Brand Building, Advertizing, Informing, Engaging and Creating Awareness among the users.
  • Multiscreen installations to fulfill customized database requirements.
  • Multilingual device to grab the attention of diverse audiences.
  • Easy installation of digital signage device with minimal environmental impact.

Usage of IDisplay- Digital Notice Board in Shopping Malls-

  • Display in Lobby- Grab the attention of the audiences by direct advertisement through internet on TV, News broadcast, and display of welcome messages.
  • Display of Maps or Ways- Diverting the visitors on the right path. Display of Pathways, Plans and Roadways in Shopping Complexes and Malls
  • Constructing Directories- Dynamic display of building directories for visitors support
  • Display on large and high resolution screen- Attract the audiences through video wall, event broadcast and advertisement on big platform.


Advertizing is a necessity for retailers to gear up the customers, partners and visitors. Attraction of the public to improve the productivity and sales of the products is must in retails. Public calling through latest updates, news and launches is important. IDisplay-Digital Notice Board in such circumstances plays a significant role to create the bonding between the retailer and customers. The device supports in digital announcements of products, services, important messages, forecasts and alerts in markets, public places, malls, mega marts and stores. It supports to build better relationship between retailers, customers and potential customers by informing, engaging and entertaining through the display of diverse messages, information and updates. The digital signage supports retailers to build brand identity through messages, images, graphics and videos. The Digital signage device gives opportunity to target customers directly using the unique features of dynamic presentations.

Digital Signage engages customers with attractive offers- An extremely flexible and versatile platform, improves the engagement and communication system with the customers. Information about the offers, launches and promotion of the products and services on the digital signage devices. A prominent platform to attract the customers, aware them about the products, its new launches and provide information about the company’s outlets. Notice the considerable impact of quick information provided on the platform.

Pre-installed library in Digital Devices- The pre-installed library consists of diverse templates, in the form of images, videos, graphics and texts. The templates are easily available in the device, which is scheduled as per the specified time. On the specified time the texts are displayed, thus saving the time and providing higher impact on the audiences.

Provision of Digital Contents- Provision of large screen and Digital Notice Board Software supports to engage, communicate and entertain the customers with valuable information, and messages with ultimate ease. Whether, you are running a small or large business in the local area or internationally, the web-based device supports to manage the desired content from a single location as per your need.

Effectiveness of Digital Signage- Digital Signage allows to showcase the effective images, animated and moving graphics about the products. The scrolling texts and videos makes the platform more engaging and informative. Allows to inform the customers with latest trend and creates awareness about the items available and the offer associated with it. Brand and Reputation building is assured through the Electronic Notice Board.

Immediate Display of Messages- Creation of offers and display of promotion are performed within seconds. Web-based device allows retailers to transform the offers instantly from any locations.

Cost-effective- Digital device is cost-effective and saves the cost of printing Brochures, Pamphlets and TV advertisements. It is the solution for all types of advertisement procedures. A perfect interactive tool to reach the customers and aware them about the products.

Useful Feature of IDisplay-

  • Hassle free
  • Instant Message Display
  • Accessed from a single location
  • Instant Daily updates and launches
  • Perfect Device to Target Audiences
  • Quick Configuration and Integration
  • Multilingual Device with enriched features
  • Easily manageable and Connects with Audiences instantly

Effectiveness of Digital Notice Board-

  • Web based- Access through the internet
  • Frequent updating of content from any location
  • Fulfills Customized database with multiple screen
  • Display of launches, events and new product arrivals
  • Perfect mode for advertisement, sales and promotions
  • Video and Images of product use, specification and deals
  • Display standard content format that includes Graphics, Images, Videos and Texts.

Digital Signage is supporting Retail / Advertizing

  • Target Partners, Audiences and Customers
  • Engage or Inform about offers and discounts
  • Brand Building and Reputation Management
  • Display of Emergency alerts
  • Advertisement / Promotion of products and services
  • Visually impress your buyers

Promote your products with style and elegance

Use an effective approach in delivering messages to customers with in-store digital signs and point-of-sale targeting! You can promote your products, inform about discounts and visually impress with your products’ videos using large 65” or 72” screens or even bigger video walls.



Introducing IDisplay at Healthcare Centers, a prominent way to reach the awaited patients and visitors. Engage them with prime information, announcements, programs, advertisement and offers. The Electronic notice board allows the display of videos, images, graphics and bulletins, to convey messages, inform patients with health related issues, cures, treatments and news. Easy to use device do not require highly technical skill, the device is instigated with easy handling templates and scheduled features, that is displayed at the scheduled time. Easy to manage digital signage device is lighter in weight and is installed in patients’ rooms, lobbies, waiting rooms, halls and corridors. The Digital Signage Device runs through the internet and is highly flexible. The tailor made a messaging system for specified audiences. The IDisplay- Digital Notice Board enhances the medical facilities offered at Hospitals and Clinics.

Digital Signage Device provides following information-

  • Deliver significant and scheduled announcements
  • Display of food menu in Hospital canteen
  • Welcomes visitors with bespoke messages
  • Relay emergency alerts
  • Advertise healthcare services, products and special offers
  • Provides additional training and educational information
  • Display of live weather forecast, traffic, stocks and sports news
  • Shares health care programs with patients, attendants and visitors
  • Advertise upcoming treatment procedures and vaccination schedules
  • Display of availability of Doctors, Surgeons and Nurses for patient’s benefit

IDisplay, the Digital Signage Software, is a web-based, tailor made device that allows display of dynamic and eye-catching content on a tailored layout. Incorporation of relevant Images, Videos and Information makes it versatile and enhances its flexibility. The provision of customized PowerPoint templates helps in easy and quick creation of content, messages, welcome messages and quotes. The device allows the pre-configuration of awareness templates and notices. IDisplay has higher impact through its static logos, texts and graphics appeared on the LED display screen. Hospitals or Healthcare centers are usually located in huge areas, where locating different OPDs or Operation theaters is difficult. The digital device enhances the service to patients with the customized way-finding maps, and diverse directories, thus paving the way for better health.

Digital Notice Board saves the time and precious resources through reforming the patient calls, redirection of patients visit to the doctor and providing consistent information on the heath precaution, measures to be taken in severity and through providing health care related information.

Larger screen provides prominent information which has a higher impact on individuals. The Digital notice board is a perfect and the dynamic messaging system for indoor, outdoor, small and large areas. Prominently designed to serve the healthcare sector, because “we priorities health”. Outdoor and Indoor Digital Notice Board provide the unlimited display of instant and quick messages to improve the awareness among audiences.


Prime usage of Digital Notice Board-

  • Enhanced waiting room experience – Saves the patients and doctors valuable time by providing appropriate health related information. Resolves diverse patient’s queries and concerns by providing relevant health information. Giving best information through short and convenient messaging system.
  • Provision of pre-installed Library – Web-based device is pre-installed with inspirational, informative and helpful messages in the form of content, video, images and graphics in the form of templates, which can be selected as per the requirement.
  • Higher Impact – Unique messages creates Health awareness, News update, Doctor’s arrival and availability.
  • Frequent News update – Display of latest news update and weather forecast in hospitals and clinics.
  • Quick Information – Information updates related to treatments, surgeries, equipments, medicines and duration of treatment procedures.
  • Cancellation, scheduling and rescheduling of doctor’s appointment, training session for medical students and staffs. Complete messaging platform at the health care centers.
  • Endorse commencement of health events – Promotion of health care events through messages and videos in diverse languages and graphics.
  • Instant Message – Convey instant Doctor’s message through Images, Videos and Graphics.
  • Supportive Way-Findings – Way-finding display system in the form of videos and graphics. Enable patients to reach the checkup area, OPD or ICU with consistent navigation.
  • Emergency Alerts – Provision of life-saving emergency alerts through instant messaging in critical conditions.
  • Creation of Health Care Awareness – Display of Health care measures in corridors, lobbies, waiting areas, ICUs, Wards and Counters. Aims to reach maximum audiences to create awareness with helpful information.
  • Significant Announcements – Aware patients, visitors and attendants with health related special programs, schemes and offers. Information related to Health insurances, Mediclaims, Awards, Health facilities, Doctors achievements and interviews.
  • Creates awareness related to Rule and Regulations – Display of health related alteration in policies, rules and regulations.

importentIDisplay provides the unlimited display of instant and quick messages to improve the awareness among audiences.



Building the right impression among the partners, visitors and customers is the need of today’s business. Convey your vital marketing statistics of businesses and acquaint the audiences with the appropriate information, certainly builds good relationships.

The Digital notice board has paved the way to reach the right audience, engage them with appropriate information and quench them with beneficial messages. Digital signage is the prominent information system for private and public offices.

The multilingual electronic notice board is a perfect device to build an instant connection in corporate offices. Improved communication system, quick and easy display of personalized messages, thus helping to create the sense of belongingness. The digital signage ensures convey of instant message to each individual.

Digital signage gives effectiveness to higher visibility and the instantaneous communication system. The pre-installed library provides easy updating of short messages that proves to be cost-effective and time saving. Build your brand, reach the customer, inform, engage and entertain them. The Digital notice board is a strong messaging system that is flexible and versatile. Allows display of text, images, videos, graphics, weather forecast and latest news updates.


Corporate digital signage reduces the challenges faced by most corporate offices. The device supports in building better relationships among the employees, customers and partners. With the help of this electronic device, the professionals at corporate offices manages to spread the news, information and messages among the employees. The product is environment-friendly and it saves the cost of printing. Welcome messages, Wishes, Critical messages, Thought of the day, Weather forecast, News update or any alteration made in the rule and regulations are displayed easily on the digital board. The device builds good relationships among the employees working in different departments, buildings, locations, shifts and sections. Supports in immediate display of alert message and in reaching the right person at the right time. A Focused and a Personalized message like Wishes for Birthday, Anniversary and Success easily displayed on the device, certainly makes the day of the individual.

cor2IDisplay- Digital Notice Board, is a prominent choice for corporate offices. It improves the standard of offices, thus augmenting the communication system. An enhanced communication system is instigated into Corporate offices with an affluent news reporting system, broadcasting organizations. The web-based digital device enable employees to create engaging and personalized content from their own desktops. These contents are shared by the powerful digital signage software.

Features of IDisplay-Digital Notice Board-

  • Handled From a Single Location
  • Multilingual Device that displays multiple messages on a single platform
  • Easy Access of device and Quick Operation system
  • Inbuilt Library to choose appropriate templates
  • Web-based Real Time Clock

Function of Digital Signage in the Corporate world-

  • Quick update and instant communication system
  • Advertisement of service and products to boost the sales and promote productivity
  • Eye- catching contents to build values on the platform
  • Cost-effective and money saving device that eliminates printing costs
  • Easily managed from a single location
  • Web-based services allows immediate access from any location


Banks and Financial institutions need to be technically equipped to serve the customers and improve the standard of services. Applying a strategic way is must and tremendously required in order to attract and retain more and more customers. To strengthen the core facilities in the banking industry and to provide the obligatory values to the customers, an upgraded technical equipment is a must.

An overture of digital signage board in the financial institutions supports in the improvement of relationships among the customers. IDisplay- Digital Notice Board is a highly communicable platform that improves communication system between the Banking authority and customers.

The electronic notice board allows quick and convenient display of messages, information and broadcast through internet. Easy content management system is provided that enables banking professionals to manage content from distant locations. The device provides opportunity for remote access that allows the frequent updating of content, information or messages on the digital signage.

The Digital notice board software reduces the printing costs, improves the advertizing methodologies and modernized facilities to attract customers. Ensures the messages, and allows to reach the potential customers.

Digital signage represents the latest technology and higher convenience for entire Banking and Financial institutions. An ideal substitute of reduced cost and inconvenience of traditional market. The Electronic notice board idea is an impressive way to spread the important messages or information, thus minimizing the need of banners and posters.

Feature of IDisplay- Digital Signage Device

  • Simple design and easy to manage
  • Sturdy Construction with light weight
  • Easy manageable content, information or messages
  • Multiscreen display managed from a single location
  • Easy installation in diverse locations in waiting areas, hall and as a wall mount behind bank teller
  • Multilingual devices display information in different languages
  • Convenient to network and updating content
  • HD and high resolution display

How IDisplay keep the customers and visitors informed and occupied? Most customers spend their time waiting around the corners and corridors of Financial Institutions. The digitalization of Banks connects the customers with their service provider-

  • Advertizement of loans, investment and offers of banking services.
  • Engage the visitors with updated News, Sports and Stocks.
  • Promotion of services offered by Financial Institutions emphasizing on business loans.
  • Display of advertisement on other supporting financial institutions like mortgage companies and advisors.
  • Digital signage draws larger attention, supposed to be the remarkable communication system.
  • Larger adult audiences grabs the attention as compared to traditional methods.
  • Digital signage attracts majority of adults with interesting information.

IDisplay, the affordable digital notice board allows the display of statutory information, interest rates, alteration in customer services, schedule changes in banking services and offers provided by the Financial institutions. Display of scrolling messages, manages to attract customer’s attention. The provision of weather forecast system allows visitors to get acquainted with the changing environment along with the latest news updates. Digital Signage Device proves to be a prominent device to reach the potential customers and enhance the standard of services.

“Augment the customer communication system on an Effective and Relevant Platform”