IDisplay, is an electronic notice board that improves the communication system between the B2B and B2C. The customers, businesses and potential customers are updated with the latest contents, offers and discounts efficiently controlled from a single destination. Corporations use the Digital signage device to announce the special events, celebration, welcome message for the new staffs, opening and closing of the offices. The prominent notice board ideas are to train the employees. The electronic notice board software is used to manage the important content from a single location. Lobbies, Corridors, break rooms and canteen are the prime areas where the contents are used to inform the visitors/ staffs/ employees. An effective and customized programming supports the regional employees in attaining complete information. Achieve an effective control on building the communication strategy through the digital signage open source. Digital signage facilitates improved communication strategy to have maximum impact on the clients. To have successful internal and external communication in any businesses, outdoor digital signage plays a vital role. IDisplay, a digital signage device supports to have a better communication system in the Reception area, Sales floor, Canteen and Social Areas. Upload relevant Images, Videos, Flash Animations and Web Pages to the outdoor digital screen. The integrated digital signage solutions support to connect, engage and captivate professional image to visitors.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Corporate Offices

  • Deliver breaking news in real-time
  • Screens are bright enables to show motion (Video), images and text
  • Display of multiple things on a screen at once
  • Display of Important messages, throughout the day, Welcome messages
  • Saves printing cost
  • Target Audience
  • Dynamic control over content and cost-effective
  • Eliminates the printing expenses and post content
  • Provides security, weather alerts and saves time and potential lives.
  • No paper waste
  • Provision to display targeted content
  • Entertaining Audience engagement
  • Convenient Accessibility
  • Enhanced Revenue Generation
  • Reaches the audience anywhere, anytime
  • Entertain them at Waiting areas, Inform about vacancies in corporate and Engages at Reception Areas

Added Features in IDisplay the notice board designs-

  • Easy content management system
  • Access from distant locations
  • Multilingual device, enables display of content in different languages
  • Possess high efficiency as compared to traditional media
  • Outstanding technology as compared top email, printed posters and Bulletin boards
  • IDisplay is extremely versatile support to connect, engage and captivate with audiences

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