The growing technology has lead church in the way of multimedia, parishioners of various ages visit the place. Different activities occur, but the holy place restricts the communication. The church electronic display notice board, is the comprehensive platform that allows reaching the people more effectively and easily. The church display has turned the manual notice board into digital signage, to convey messages easily.

IDisplay is prominently used in the Asylum, corridors, lobby and auditoriums. It improves the communication system between the visitors. The digital signage is used at the places, where people gather for prayer or meet for announcements, launching events, attend diverse classes and provide important news.

The technical device supports in engaging and set up the visual communication system. It is considered as the prime platform to attract people and their attention. Display of informative message in church, thought of the day and influencing contents, helps people to incline towards the GOD. Church displays supports in display of motivational messages in order to attract the audiences.

IDisplay, a digital signage is helpful in following ways-

  • Easy Communication with visitors and members
  • Live Broadcast of videos, audios and text messages to engage people
  • Information about upcoming events, programs, and announcements
  • Wayfinding, Map, and Locations
  • Highlight the role in the community
  • Inform visitors about the Programs and Ceremony
  • Make recognition of the Guarantor and Supporter
  • Provide complete information for promotions through video and texts
  • Provide complete training and safety measures to the staffs and members
  • Access to the single location helps in easy content management system
  • Send emergency alerts and messages
  • Creates volunteer prospects
  • Creates the sense of bonding with visitors
  • Share oration and hymn lyrics
  • Complement training and educational programs

IDisplay gives a doorway to the improved communication system about the church and the events organized. Display of the weather forecast and scrolling updates engages people and keep them updated. It provides easy access from a single location. The device is convenient to use without any technical knowledge. And it provides a complete visual communiqué system to attract people’s attention. The electronic digital device is tremendously technical and supports to convey messages.

Advanced Church Display System

  • The Superior and convenient to use, display board.
  • Tailored digital notice board for quick support.
  • Incorporated content library and templates with videos, images and messages.
  • Pre-configured delivery of Videos, Images and Messages.
  • Digital signage software accessible from remote locations.
  • Installed with news feeds that include services, sales, and the latest news.
  • Lifetime warranty for digital hardware and software support.
  • Access through the Web enables the easy updating of contents.
  • 24*7 technical support, including online technical support, videos tutorial, and guides.

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