IDisplay, a digital notice board, is a perfect platform to support Automotive Industry. Auto Dealership Display supports in video marketing of products and services. The innovative technology supports auto dealers to increase the traffic in the showroom and also supports to communicate with the clients and potential clients. The automotive digital signage solutions use this innovative and unique advertising method to create a long lasting impression in customer’s mind. Visual promotion of brands is possible with the help of the digital signage system. The device helps to create the awareness about the products and services. Keeping the customers informed and improves the sales among the customers. IDisplay entertains customers sitting in the waiting area. Inform them about latest automobile, the new trends, sales and up- sell new opportunities.


IDisplay, A Digital Signage Device Supporting The Auto Dealership Displays-

  • The device supports to boost the sale and services.
  • To enhance the traffic to the showroom.
  • Inform customers and potential customers about the products and services.
  • Advertize all the profitable points.
  • Leveraging new opportunities through the power of video and visuals.
  • Integrated marketing platform that emotionally engages the visitors, buyers, dealers, and sellers.
  • Instant and quick display of the messages builds better prospects for auto dealers.
  • Achieve unified and visceral experience for higher prospects.
  • Auto Dealership display service guarantees higher ROI for businesses.
  • Minimizes the effort to reach the potential customers.
  • Easily manageable technology is integrated to focus on the core business.The device supports to boost the sale and services.

The Auto Dealership display system offers the preeminent solution for car dealers. The tailored high definition digital system improves the marketing of products and services. Enables the easy reach to the audiences, maximize the customer engagement and motivates the staffs with the display of motivational thoughts and messages. Allows to reach the customer in the waiting area, TV lounges, Kiosks, and showroom video walls. The interactive platform improves the sales through Auto Dealership outdoor digital signage.

Advanced Auto Dealer Display Menu System

  • Advanced and easy to use the service menu board.
  • Custom digital notice board for specific department.
  • Integrated content library and templates with videos, images and messages.
  • Pre-configured delivery of Auto dealership menu and images.
  • Digital signage software accessible from remote locations.
  • Installed with news feeds that include services, sales, and the latest news
  • Lifetime warranty for digital hardware and software support.
  • Web-based accessibility enables the easy updating of contents.
  • 24*7 customer support that includes online technical support, videos tutorial, and guides.

Salient Features of Car Dealership Display Software-

  • Complete support for videos and image files that include PNG, JPG, FLV, MOV.
  • Provision of multiple and simultaneous user logins.
  • Infinite RSS feeds, including dealer messages.
  • Latest updates and News Feeds from 100 sources.
  • Uploading, Deleting and Maintenance of videos, images and messages from any locations.
  • Simple resource navigation for multiple levels.
  • Advanced digital media player, including monitor and updates.
  • Automatic alignment and automatic scaling of images, messages, and layout.

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