IDisplay – Digital Notice Board is an interactive platform that is valuable and effective for ADA & Wayfinding Plan. The device is a platform to improve the communication with the masses. It helps to build bonds with the customers, partners and potential customers. The structure and open space features harmonize the relation by providing information about the products and services. The web-based interactive features support with easy updating of contents, messages and images. The device provides complete comfort to access it from any location. The multilingual feature allows display of message from any location. The digital signage is a perfect platform to ADA & Wayfinding signs that offers clear, legible and dependable platform. ADA actually means the Americans with disabilities act. The device provides local accessibility with the help of signs. It supports creating the effective and compliant solutions in order to incorporate the effective way finding signage. The electronic notice board allows the display of important signs that proffers the best way finding signage. For any businesses, display of mandatory ADA signage is important. The need of ADA signs arises both indoor and outdoor, even in restrooms, emergency doorways, parking and entryways. Keeping up-to–date with the ADA signage is significant to guide the people. Each office displays the Americans with disabilities act, to acknowledge the people with custom company signs. Signs are displayed in the form of visual graphics, widely used to inform the audiences. It is widely used to the way-finding information. The digital display is primarily used to display messages indoor and outdoor. Such digital sign boards are used to navigate the people using sign. IDisplay supports to improve the communication system convey imperative information and most importantly supports to take the cognitive information.


Digital Signage Device primarily used for the following purposes-

  • Information – Signs are used to display Maps, Directories and Instructional signs
  • Direction – Symbols to display the location of services, facilities, functional space and key areas
  • Identification – Signs also used to indicate the services and facilities that include the name of the room, restroom signs and floor signs
  • Safety and Regulation – Signs used to showcase warning and safety instructions


Outdoor and Indoor Digital Signage, Custom ADA Wayfinding signs are-

  • ADA Bathroom Signage
  • ADA Parking Signs
  • ADA Exit Signs
  • Custom Handicap Parking Signs
  • Custom Metal Engraved ADA Signs
  • Elevator Signs
  • Stairwell Signs


Benefits of IDisplay-Digital Signage Solutions

  • Convenient Display of digital signage
  • Quick Display of outdoor way finding signs
  • Effective display of scrolling message and signs
  • Inbuilt templates allows ready to use display of way-finding signs
  • Inform, connect and educate audiences
  • Highly used by Architectural, construction and signage industries

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