AdThe traditional method of advertisement has lost its attraction and it no longer attracts the customers. The Ad Agency is moving towards digitization and it is more effective as compared to the traditional printed ads. We present IDisplay-Digital Notice Board, a unique platform for advertising agency to reach the targeted audiences and perform the instant and dynamic marketing campaign. The electronic device provides convenience to reach the customer anywhere, anytime. Creating awareness and executing campaigns by building an emotional attachment with the audiences is possible through digital signage. Videos, Images and Texts help to attract customers to the company. Its performance helps in building brand and achieve a better response. The higher impact messaging system, dynamic, creative and real-time advertisement is possible through targeted audience. Digital public notice board combines technology with creativity. Display of diverse images, data and videos support in creating a fine social network of audiences. The IDisplay supports in diverse sectors for promotion of products, services and brands.

The Wireless Electronic Notice Board supports Ad Agencies in reaching potential customers-

  • Taking the help of latest technology, software and devices help in improving the performance at affordable price structure.
  • 100% reliable services.
  • Scalable device supports in the growth of businesses.
  • The Digital signage advertising support in promoting the product and services.
  • Acting as a perfect platform for promoting and creating awareness.
  • High technology and experience provides secured business and investments.

Benefits of IDisplay a Digital Signage Solution in Ad Agency-

  • Supports to promote the products, services and brands.
  • Keep audience informed about the latest launches and commencements.
  • Provision of additional information related to products and services.
  • Customized content supports in entertaining and engaging.
  • Paves the way to the audiences.
  • Connect with partners, customers and potential customers.
  • Outdoor notice boards support in reaching the passerby attention.
  • Flexible platform which is automatic during the day, time and location.
  • Completely responsive device is reactive, endows updated content.
  • The versatile device allows display of live video, contents and images to attract audiences.
  • The Electronic Notice Board Software proves to be cost-effective.
  • Digital signage advertising attracts immense audiences.
  • The device is highly scalable and easy to install.


The actual function of any Ad agency is to inform people about the products and services offered by the company. The Digital notice board supports Small, Medium and Large Ad Agency plan, create and produce relevant advertisement. Digital signage solution is an interactive media platform, that reminds people about the happening, arrivals and launches. Tips, Solutions and Facts are also displayed about the products that supports customers in making decision. Most companies choose ad agencies for advertisement of products and services. Ad agencies prefer to choose the web based interactive platform to provide direct access to the client.

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