Get A Common Platform for all Employees or visitors

IDisplay provides a common platform to all visitors/employees/customers etc. If those same one hundred networks shared a common platform, with simple standards for connecting their venues into a single open network, with no additional investment in new equipment, each of those same hundred networks, under an internetworking model, would be able to offer a marketer access to audiences inside one hundred thousand venues (assuming 100 networks, each with 1000 sites). It can be updated from a single location and different content can be displayed at different screens. This would be something akin to removing the barriers imposed on businesses by strict trade zones to open up a broader global economy free of artificial constraints that stymie the natural matchmaking forces of supply and demand.

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Return on Investment by Advertisements

IDisplay promote the brand and display different advertisements. It helps the organisation, schools, to gain Return On Investment by displaying promotional activities and offers.

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Promote Language, Tourism etc.

IDisplay helps to promote National language by displaying Word of the day and Though of the day in specific language with its meaning in English. This helps to promote Language in different countries. It can also be utilized to display different National Events/Festivels and other information on tourists places. Images, Videos can be played at diiferent embassies and other departments to promote tourism and culture.

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Inspire & Motivate the workforce

It is human nature to need to be recognized and recognition is a smart management strategy. Recognition is about celebrating a success, receiving a reward, earning an incentive for reaching a goal- an acknowledgement that links employee behavior to corporate goals. Consider creating a comprehensive recognition program that will help keep your employees engaged, lower turnover, improve performance, create higher customer satisfaction, increase morale, support your mission and values, encourage loyalty and support culture change. In a recession, recognition can create a positive work environment that doesn’t reinforce negativity. Recognition awards are an essential tool that is used every day to motivate employees while providing exceptional increases to the bottom line. Happy employees = happy customers. IDisplay heips the organisation to APPRECIATE • RECOGNIZE • INSPIRE • MOTIVATE • REWARD their Employees.

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Convey any Message Quickly

IDisplay offers a fast and flexible way to convey any message/information to customers, visitors or staff. Messages can take a huge number of different forms from text or pictures to animation or short films meaning that the same sign areas can be used to convey a number of messages.Screens can be used to convey important safety information such as the location of fire exits, first aid stations or other health and safety information through to employee news or bulletins. Particularly suited to information that requires regular updates such as travel information or timetables, share prices or statistics, digital displays can be linked to pc to enable real time updates to displayed content. IDisplay can also make an effective addition to adverising or marketing messages, allowing the addition of changing or moving content that draws the eye or turning darker corners into valuable communications space.

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Common platform for all and can be updated remotely

The Digital signage solutions work with Content management system, which runs on PC, Servers, and the Web hosting providers. Create, Manage, Update and Display the information easily on the electronic platform. The feature included in the digital notice board are embedded Touch Screen, Image Capture Devices, Automatic update features and Remote to manage from a single location. IDisplay creates bonding and the sense of belonging among the audiences. Express your feeling through valuable and touching messages. The digital signage solution supports to build better connectivity with Visitors/ Customers/Clients/Staffs at the workstations, different floors and locations in the company. The digital device supports to display the Welcome messages, Thought of the Day, Birthday Wishes, Valuable Information and Inspiring messages to build a good relationship with us. The device is managed from a single location allows building instant connection with the people ...Read More .

Schedule messages to appear at certain times of the day

IDisplay- a cost-effective digital signage, an ideal platform to deliver rich contents, necessary information and messages. Control information on the user’s comfort zone from Laptop, PC or even SmartPhone. The Digital notice board allows small, medium and large businesses to choose the digital technology at an affordable rate. Display your message anywhere and anytime. Bind your staffs in a single string with the help digital signage device. We help you manage information from a single location. Messages are displayed in different locations, different floors and different offices. Our device helps you connect with the employees of different departments working on different locations, floors or workstation. Schedule the text, add the images, videos and media through the internet. Web Based access allows to alter the content easily. Alter the color of the text, font, bold and italic through rich text formatting opportunities. An Individual with no ...Read More .

New/Updates and Weather Reports

IDisplay, the digital signage device supports in easy display of texts, images, videos and daily news updates. Quick Ticker is a specific feature of digital notice board that allows Daily News, Date or the Weather forecast update. The use of display device provides incredible quality and valuable display of useful text and content to reach the targeted audiences. Digital device gives a quick News update, the Weather forecast, and Date. Updates about the latest trend, products and services offered by the company. Displays include rolling text signage, scrolling sign, news or variable messages, Price menu updates in Restaurants, Ticket available at the Railway Station, Shop sign display tickers provide complete information to the viewers. IDisplay consists of a framework that supports to have better control and Co-ordination of the news display. LED News Quick Ticker is available on both indoor and outdoor display boards. The web-based device supports to ...Read More .

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